I always wanted to have a space committed to working with people, where we would create something together. I wanted to not only inspire my collaborators but to help them discover other potentials they did not know existed. Therefore the Studio’s  mission or quest – and this is a collective action, not done by me alone - is to expand a human’s potential and abilities. Within this is the importance of finding the channels for giving, precise ways to share. I see this applicable in both directions, for me as well for those committed to the Studio. Matej Matejka

Studio Matejka is a physical theater laboratory exploring 21st century performance techniques that specifically work across borders: Borders between performance genres, borders between training techniques, and borders between individual expression and collective resonance. Through practical investigation, the performers work to develop the strength, agility and dexterity to physically ‘speak’ through a diverse range of ideas, images and vocabularies. Studio Matejka does not work to create something ‘other’ to existing performance approaches and training regimes, rather it uses such established methods as a springboard for pedagogic and creative exploration, charting individual discoveries, drawing out patterns and/or contradictions and integrating these findings into its ongoing work.

Studio Matejka emerged from the work and experience of its founder Matej Matejka and his interest in physical expression and the actor's processes.

After extensive experiences in leading work sessions focused on the actor’s physical articulation both in Poland and internationally, Matejka received an opportunity to open his own research program, Studio Matejka, under the auspices of The Grotowski Institute.