Adam Hanuljak (SK)          

Video documentarian

Born in Slovakia, Adam Hanuljak is Filmmaker-in-residence for Studio Matejka.

He holds a BA Hons in Documentary Filmmaking at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and an MA in Comparative Science of Religion from the University of Commenius, Bratislava.

Since 2006 Adam has completed several professional documentary projects, mainly focusing on social minorities and artistic projects in Europe. 

His latest film Protected Territory, explores the real limits of disabled people engaged in theatre and recently premiered at The Bratislava International Film Festival.

He is co-founder of the documentary production unit Dogdocs, and leads workshops on film as a tool of expression for youngsters and seniors - a project supported by One Minute JR in Amsterdam. His artistic engagement also extends to collaboration with theatre groups in Central Europe.

His work with Studio Matejka focuses on recording the process of its creative and technical development. Information and pictures from his work (in Slovak) can be found on