MATEJ MATEJKA (SK/PL)                                                 Artistic director of Studio Matejka

Matej Matejka

Born in Bratislava, Slovakia

Studied acting at the State Conservatory in Bratislava, Slovakia, later at JAMU University, Brno, Czech Republic.

In 2001–2006, actor  of theatre studio Farm in the Cave, Prague, and co-creator of performances Dark Love Sonnets and SCLAVI / The Song of an Emigrant – multiawarded perfrormance. 


 Since 2005, collaborator of The Grotowski Institute and actor in Teatr ZAR theatre company. He has performed and co-created performances:  Anhelli, The Calling and Caesarean Section. Essays on Suicide.  


 Since 2010 Founder and leader of Studio Matejka actor's laboratory under auspices of The Grotowski Institute.    


Matej's interest oscillate between dance and theatre, between suggestion and  direction, between tradition and innovation. 

    "I seek to cross boundaries of conventional status quo in the expression of performers from different art forms."

Over 11 years of research experience at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław, Poland, have led him to develop resourceful tools and models of practice accessible to any person, no matter  the level of their experience. 

He developed cycles of workshops of Studio Matejka: 

Awakening the listening body, Liquid way to action, Dance of Likeness. He lead workshops in Theatres and Universities all around the globe e.g. USA,Venezuela, India, Greece, Great Britain, Canada, France, Spain, or South Korea.  

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