Mertcan Semerci was born in Istanbul. He graduated from Bilkent University (Ankara), Faculty of Music, Dramatic Arts and Theatre. Mertcan Semerci worked at the National Theatre in Ankara and Istanbul and collaborated with Tatbikat Theatre as an actor, stage manager and lighting operator. He has appeared as an actor in more than 20 plays and dance performances. Mertcan Semerci lives in Poland, where he has been working with Studio Matejka since 2016, taking part in the company’s projects and workshops. He was part of Tandem, a project run by Studio Matejka together with the Izmir-based Budalasultan art collective (2016), and co-creates Studio’s new project, Angry Man. He collaborates as a performer with Cecilia Lagerström’s Stockholm-based Alkemisterna ensemble (Suffering: On Our Perception of Pain, 2017).

Mertcan Semerci