Economist (Wroclaw University, Faculty of European integration) and manager of culture (Jagiellonian University, DWSSP Assessor). Coordinator and participant of many international
social and cultural projects (Poland, United Kingdom).

Collaborated with H. Modjeska Theatre in Legnica as a fundraiser.
Currently, co-organizer and the main coordinator of the Movement Festival Wroclaw 'Cyrkulacje', which aims to popularize contemporary dance (in 2013 will be the fourth edition). Member of the Board of the Foundation Studio Matejka, her manager and specialist in fundraising activities. Associated with the Foundation Theatre Nie-Taki, which carries out projects in the area of theater and dance. One of the founders and a member of the Obywatelska Rada Kultury (Civic Culture Council) in Wroclaw. Additional skills gained during the several courses and workshops about EU funds, fundraising and management of social economy.