Jarosław Fret (PL)

Founder and leader of Teatr ZAR, theatre director and actor;

director of the Grotowski Institute; lecturer of the Ludwik Solski State Theatre School, faculty in Wrocław, curator of the theatre programme of Wrocław: European Capital of Culture 2016.

In 1999–2002 he carried out a series of expeditions to Georgia, Armenia and Iran, conducting research into the oldest forms of religious music of Eastern Christianity. In the following years together with members of Teatr ZAR he organized expeditions to Athos mountain in Greece, Sardinia, Corsica, Armenia, Turkey, Izrael.

Director of four performances of the theatre: three parts of the Triptych Gospels of Childhood have been seen in Los Angeles, Florence, San Francisco, Chicago, Sybin, Athens, Edinburgh, Madrid, Belgrade, Paris, Cairo, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro and New Delhi.

In November 2013 he completed the work on Armine, Sister, 

performance, for which within direction he elaborated original musical dramaturgy and special stage architecture.

He lectures and leads work sessions in Poland and internationally. Awards and honors: in 2009 Teatr ZAR was named Best New Music Theater by Los Angeles Times; winner of a 2010 Wrocław Theatre Prize for the Gospels of Childhood. The Triptych.

Originator and coordinator of numerous Polish and international projects within the Grotowski Institute, 

including the UNESCO-declared Grotowski Year 2009,

the Masters in Residence programme and the International Theatre Festival “The World as A Place of Truth”.

His efforts led to the opening, in 2010, of Na Grobli Studio, a new location of the Grotowski Institute.