Natalia Pieczuro

NATALIA PIECZURO is a polish dancer/performer based in Brussels.
She studied at Warsaw’s University – faculty Cultural Studies ( Anthropology of Culture) and in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) where she graduated in 2009 with a double diploma – in performing arts and in choreography. During her education and after she collaborated with artists such as: Jozef Frucek /Rootlessroot/, Rob Hayden /Ultima Vez/, Lisi Estaras /Ballet C de al B / and Matej Kejzar /Rosas/. She has been working with companies such as: Deja Donne (Glimpse of Hope), Or&Oran Dance Company (Project R) and Studio Matejka (Conflict of Apathy, Harmony of Contradictions). She is also busy creating her own pieces – among them a solo “in.side.out.” and duet work “Traces”. At a present time she is working on a new solo and also on the creation with Raffaella Pollastrini and Laura Eva Meuris in Theater Marni.