One of the main branches of Studio Matejka is the development of a rigorously constructed method for sharing and transmitting the experiences of the research in order to contribute to the craft of the actor.  Such sharings are realized through workshops, symposiums and work presentations.  Studio Matejka is developing a yearly educational program at Brezezinka, the forest base of the Grotowski Institute. Equally our sharings take place at universities, festivals, and in collaboration with other theater companies

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Workshop description
Led by Matej Matejka alongside two to three members of the Studio. 

Through combined approaches from dance, movement and acting techniques we aim to introduce a deeper awareness of the performer's body-mind connections. A central component of the work focuses on isolating parts of the body, which later develops into the practice of physical articulation or what we name “physical words.”


Participants can expect to be introduced to training in the following areas:

● Awareness and the readiness to act
● Body versus mind; mind through body
● Encountering and expressing intuitive physical language
● Transcribing it into framed action.
● Links between framed action and actor’s characterization


We pay specific attention to listening in response to a partner and the group.

We invite text, objects or sounds to support the action of the BODY to be in service of an IDEA, aiming  towards an individual and yet universal physical way of expressing the self.

Variations of the workshop have been given at:

  • Earthdance Moving Arts Lab and International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium, New York, USA.

  • CalArts, Valencia, USA.

  • Brzezinka summer workshop, Grotowski's forest base, Poland.

  • The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles, USA.

  • University of Salford, UK.

  • UNEARTE, Caracas, Venezuela.

  • KiosK Festival 2012, Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia.

  • Superior School of Dramatic Art and Centro Párraga, Murcia, Spain.

  • Eilissos and Drama School 'Delos' of Dimitra Hatoupi, Athens, Greece.

  • Zero Point Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.